Vacuuming is probably the least expensive and most effective way of keeping your carpet looking new. We recommend a good quality upright vacuum with a beater bar and a disposable paper bag for most carpets. A separate tank type cleaner with a disposable bag is best for hard surface floors. It is usually best and less expensive to purchase two separate types of vacuum cleaners rather than one that is designed to do both hard and carpeted surfaces.

We recommend purchasing a small one-gallon Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning up spills. These can usually be purchased for less than $30.00. To use this machine, first remove the paper filter from the cleaner. For spills such as wine or grape juice, immediately suction liquid from carpet followed by pouring a glassful of cold tap water onto affected area. Repeat suctioning and pouring cold water onto area until water suctioned is clear. It is very important to perform this task as soon as possible after the spill occurs. It is also important to use a dedicated, clean vacuum for this task as one that is dirty may exhaust dirty water that may stain carpet.

capture-logo• The Rug Market recommends using Milliken’s CAPTURE dry powder cleaner for all carpet cleaning.

• The Rug Market also carries an assortment of other cleaners for vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors.

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